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10 surprising facts about gophers you may not know

10 Surprising Facts About Gophers You May Not Know

Gophers can have territories of up to 2000ft2 (166m2) and may occasionally share opposite ends of their burrow if regions overlap; in general, though, they mostly prefer to be away from other gophers.Gophers, a little like hamsters, can hold food in cheek pouches...

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Introduction to the gopher guys

Introduction to the Gopher Guys

About Pete Encinias, Owner/Operator Founding Date 2013 Owner/Operator Pete D. Encinias Jr Wildlife Expert 20 years in veterinary field with 10 years specialized in veterinary ophthalmology  Helped rehabilitate Timber Wolves/Golden Eagle and other wildlife 20+ year’s...

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Let's Solve Your Gopher Problem Together

Gopher elimination requires a different set of skills than general pest control companies have.

Gopher Guys are experts at gopher control. We use trapping which has been proven to be the most effective and safest method. We don't use poison or gas, or methods that require you to have an unpleasant experience with gopher removal.

Our ongoing service ensures your gopher issue remains under control. When you hire us, that's the last you'll need to deal with the issue. We handle everything and there's no danger to your family, pets, or property.